our story

Few know the story of how our organisation came to exist. What we do know is that its arrival into the world was in 2003 as a single person entity and it has been evolving ever since into the shape and structure as we know it today.


our history

Legend has it that we were founded by a ‘creative believer’ who wanted to do things differently, getting the children not accessing physical activity opportunities active through fun and inclusive activities. Soon after he was joined by a ‘focused completer’, who recognised the bigger scale potential in the business. Together they had a vision and formed a successful partnership to achieve it.

Today the company is thriving with 3 directors, 11 managers and a business support team keeping things running. Add in a team of 60+ tutors, instructors, group leaders and delivery support staff we have the people we need to ensure our customers can access over 50 different courses, projects and activities.

our journey


our people

The heart of our organisation and our greatest asset is the outstanding team of people who do an amazing job to look after our customers. They are friendly, fun and super professional but you can see this for yourself through their meet the team videos.

We have an ever-expanding and wonderful team. We are committed to identifying talented, motivated and unique individuals who strive to work with and inspire others to achieve. Whether you’re fresh out of or still at school, college, university, switching industries or a seasoned professional, at SSG Services we want passionate people and expect you to go the extra mile to figure out how you can have the greatest impact in your role. Get in touch to find out more about how you can ‘join the team’ at SSG.

Our Customers, Community & Stakeholders

Without the people and organisations that we call customers and have the pleasure to provide services to we could not do what we love doing. We have the pleasure to work with a wide range of fantastic families, amazing schools, awesome community groups and outstanding companies, providing them with a wide range of outcomes that they require and/or desire.

While over time we have expanded to be able to operate in and support many geographic communities, we began life and continue to be anchored within Bedfordshire. As part to our commitment to the community in which we began life, we have become sponsorship partners with a number of local youth sports clubs and local charities where we have supported their events and donated funds. We have been delighted to have these relationships with these wonderful organisations and the work they do within the community.

As an organisation, we are grateful for and appreciative of a wonderful network of stakeholders. At SSG we value partnership relationships as incredibly important and we are committed to working hard to maintain these links as ultimately these meaningful professional friendships mutually benefit all involved.


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