National Curriculum PE

With the introduction of the 2019 Education Inspection Framework, schools are being asked to place a greater emphasis on a knowledge-rich curriculum. Pupils must be challenged and stretched within the schools’ curricula and each school must also be aware of the health (physical & mental) and well-being of each child. 

It is crucial that schools can offer a varied approach to cementing learning from the classroom using practical, fun and engaging activities, which allows for the progression of a child’s learning while they develop good behaviours and attitudes.

SSG Activity Days can support the school curriculum through linking what we deliver with themes and topics alongside school learning. They enrich students by focusing on character development of the pupils and providing them opportunity to take on new challenges and learn and apply new skills.


Physical Literacy

We are advocates of the ‘physical literacy’ concept, which promotes the idea that physically literate pupils will have a balance of physical competency (hands), knowledge (head) and motivation (heart) in their engagement with physical activity. 

Everything we design and do has the ‘hands, head and heart’ philosophy at its core.

school games

Our activities work closely with the Bedfordshire and Luton School Games Programme. We are able to support schools entering School Games competitions through support in PE from specialist instructors, specific sports academies and one-off activity days to develop the children in preparation for the School Games competitions.

Primary PE & School Sports Funding

With growing opportunities for primary schools to utilise the Primary PE and School Sports Funding in innovative and creative ways, SSG are delighted to know that our whole portfolio of activity projects and packages meet one or more of the five key indicators for the funding and are all permitted ways to spend the funding.