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We are excited to welcome your child to our all new ACE School Holiday Club in Bedford!



ACE is the number one option for childcare and activity provision in Bedford offering an unrivalled programme of high-quality activities and incredible high-quality equipment, incorporating specialist headliner activities as well as timeless favourites all packaged in a fantastic location!


ACE guarantees all children will have an active, exciting and fun filled school holiday experience with opportunities to develop friendships, explore new activities, push their boundaries and develop independence.


ACE provides a cost effective high quality provision and offers options for parents to pay via childcare vouchers as well as offering instalment options to spread the cost.


ACE School Holiday Club runs from Great Ouse Primary Academy in Bedford with the venue offering unrivalled internal and external spaces specifically designed and catered for primary school children aged 5-12 years.

Facilities include a spacious activity hall, separate activity rooms, outdoor MUGA space, playing field space, outdoor woodland space and playground area. This fantastic environment ensures that we are able to facilitate specifically tailored activities at all times.

Full venue address:

Great Ouse Primary Academy, Seaforth Gardens Bedford MK40 4TJ


During the Summer Holidays we will be running for the full 6 weeks Monday-Friday starting from Monday 22nd July – Friday 30th August from 8.15am-5pm at Great Ouse Primary Academy. 

The Activities:

At our ACE School Holiday Club each jam-packed day ensures
children aged 5-12 years old have access to a wide range of activities to keep
them busy, engaged, having fun and developing throughout each day.


Children are split into groups of similar ages and each group as they move round activities under the following headings:


We love seeing the children get excited about our headliner activities and as such we have expanded the number of these specialist activities available on our ACE School Holiday Clubs. Each day will see a main event headliner activity including but not limited to; Traditional Archery, Climbing Wall, Inflatable Obstacle Courses, Archery Tag, Giant Dart Board.

A themed creative craft activity will be on hand every day for children to let their creative sides run wild. Themes are changed daily and based on children’s feedback ensuring that activities remain relevant and fun. Groups will build, stick, colour, draw and create each day and have options to take creations home or add to our holiday display.

A huge favourite with all of our children there will be one or more inflatables on site for children to access. Inflatables include traditional bouncy castles, slides and inflatable target shooting.

We ensure that children of all ages and abilities are able to access a massive range of sports with specialist high quality equipment playing inclusive games and sessions tailored to their age and experience. Sports include team sports, racket sports, summer sports, American sports, athletics to name but a few.

A wide range of practical challenge and adventure games are set for the children each day to test and stretch their cognitive and physical boundaries and ensure our children are helped to enhance their leadership, team working and problem-solving skills whilst at Active Care!

Archery Tag 

Climbing Wall

Inflatable Obstacle Courses

Traditional Archery


Giant Dart Board


We understand that the most important ingredient for our ACE

School Holiday Club has to be the fun and enjoyment of all of our children.


We ensure the day is well paced and that we have staff on
site that can bring a sense of fun, enthusiasm, genuine compassion and
excitement to all activities. Staff are fun, friendly and go out of their way
to ensure that they learn each child’s name as quickly as possible and make
them feel at home.


We incorporate daily themes within the club to ensure each day is unique, with themes including but not limited to:





Mission Survival

Emergency Services

Life Skills

high quality & safe provision

Our ACE School Holiday Clubs are a safe and high-quality childcare and activity option for all parents. All venues operate inline with the OFSTED benchmarks and are operated by experienced staff teams.


As an organisation we have been operating provision for children and schools across Bedfordshire for over 20 years ensuring:

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Our Active Care programmes are open to children aged 5-12 years.
Each pop-up experience day will cater for different age ranges, please view our timetable for upcoming days & the ages they are suitable for.
Our school holiday activities start from £25.00 for our pop up experience days, and from £29.50 per day for Active Care.
Yes, we accept childcare voucher payments and the taxfree government scheme payments for our Active Care programmes. We cannot accept these payment methods for our pop-up experience days.

You can book online by clicking the ‘book now’ button, or over the on 01234 340782 (our phone lines are open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm).