further fish2water FAQ's

Our lessons run continuously through the school holidays, only breaking for bank holidays, planned venue closures and Christmas holidays.
No, we currently do not offer one-to-one or adult lessons.
Yes, we do offer taster lessons free of charge. Please contact the office on 01234 340782 to book a taster.
Children can begin swimming with us from 6 weeks (after their first injections) in our parent & baby (Starfish) lessons. Children can join our independent lessons (Tiddlers) from 3 years old.
Yes, you are able to watch lessons from poolside at all of our venues. We ask that outside shoes are removed whilst in the changing rooms and on poolside (blue shoe covers are provided at some venues).
Yes, an adult responsible for the child must remain on site. This adult is also responsible for supervising their child in the changing rooms or if they need a toilet break during the lesson.
Changing facilities vary from pool to pool. All of our venues have showers and separate sex changing rooms available. Fish2Water operates the policy that children over the age of 8 must use their own sex changing room, this also applies to all parents/guardians.
STA Starfish 1-6, Swim England (SE) Discovery Ducklings 1-4, SE Ducklings 1-3, SE Stages 1-10, SE Water Skills 1-6 and SE Rainbow Distances (5m to 2000m)
Children are continually assessed using our fantastic online system. Teachers are able to assess children using tablets which they have access to on poolside, as often as weekly, adhering to a minimum requirement of once every 4 weeks. Parents are able to track their child’s assessments and progress online via HomePortal. https://ssgactivities.courseprogress.co.uk/ For further information please contact the office.

Fish2Water continually assess children and if a child is ready to move classes the poolside Project Lead will be informed by the teacher and the office will then speak with the parents/guardians regarding current availability in the next class.
Awards are available at a cost £3 (includes badge and certificate). These need to be ordered and can be done so from either the poolside Project Lead or by calling the office (01234 340782). You will be able to see when your child has achieved an award via HomePortal.
This will vary for every swimmer as it is dependent upon their ability, age and experience. Fish2Water tracks every child’s assessment and their progression through Fish2Water; therefore, if a child remains in the same class or on the same badge for a considerable amount of time our quality team will intervene to ensure every possible step is being made to progress the child.
Fish2Water understands that your child’s swimming lessons can be one of their most memorable moments. Therefore, we request that if you would like a photo of your child in their lesson that you speak with the poolside Project Lead, who will ensure that the teachers are aware and that no other children are in the photos.
SSG Services has a Behaviour Management Policy for children pre 12 years old. Our staff will endeavour to actively encourage positive behaviour through affirmation, encouragement and a desire to build the self-esteem and value of all who attends the lesson and they will challenge negative behaviour when it occurs.

On the first instance of bad behavior the teacher will correct the behaviour. On the second instance of bad behaviour, that is similar to the first, the teacher will reprimand in a firmer manner (this may result in the child sitting on the side). If there is a third instance or if the child acts in an unsafe or violent way the teacher will report the issue and steps taken to the poolside supervisor who will speak to the parents to ensure a plan is put in place for the child’s continued attendance.