Primary School Active Clubs

Our Active Clubs provide an exciting range of morning, lunch time and after-school opportunities to children of all ages. We use a mixture of non-traditional and non-sporty activities to engage with pupils who need something different from what’s already offered, face barriers to inclusion in sport specific clubs, or who want to try something new.

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SSG Active Clubs are designed to ensure they focus on getting those who are not usually sporty active through inclusive activities. We achieve this with our friendly and accepting style of leadership and by ensuring everything is rewarding and fun for everyone involved. Browse our range of Active Club activities below and contact us to find our more.

Super sports mix

All of our Super Sports Mix packages involve 4-5 weeks of different fun and inclusive games. 

Our sessions feature a different sport/activity each week which helps to develop a range of fundamental sports skills. The programme finishes with a Skills Circuit Challenge on the final week which incorporates all the learned skills and sports from previous weeks.

Activities we can deliver include:

    • American sports: lacrosse, basketball, ultimate frisbee, ice hockey, American football
    • Team games: basketball, dodgeball, bench ball, uni hockey, volleyball
    • Summer sports: cricket, rounders, short tennis, ultimate frisbee, foot golf
    • Winter sports: football, rugby, netball, badminton and cross country
    • Athletics: a combination of running, jumping and throwing disciplines each week

Dream Team Challenges

Each week participants undertake a themed team challenge which involves a quick-fire ice breaker to start the session then two problem solving and critical thinking tasks.  Our weekly themes include:

    • Mission Survival
    • Jungle Mayhem
    • Lost in Space
    • Swamp Monster
    • Ready Player One
    • Superhero Challenge

Construction Capers

This package focuses on developing the creative thinking skills of participants through a range of critical thinking and problem-solving tasks that require design and build skills. 

Our weekly construction challenges include:

    • Egg-cellent Free Fall
    • Blind Build
    • Tower Triumph
    • Brilliant Bridges
    • Wrecking Ball
    • Fantastic Flyers

Crazy Crafts & Wacky Games

Each week participants partake in a craft activity and a fun game to combine active fun and creative talent. Our crazy crafts include:

    • Exploding paints
    • Slime surgery
    • Blow arts
    • Sock puppets
    • Nature prints
    • Rock out designing

Hot Shot Challenge

This high-energy package introduces participants to some truly alternative activities, not usually experienced in schools. The underpinning theme is all linked to hitting targets using a range of skills and equipment. Weekly activities include:

    • Vortex
    • Sling shots
    • Binball & Run the Gauntlet
    • Curling
    • Archery
    • Ten Pin Bowling & Tin Can Alley


The introduction of the 2019 Education Inspection Framework means schools are being asked to place a greater emphasis on a knowledge-rich curriculum. Pupils must be challenged and stretched within the schools’ curricula and each school must also be aware of the health (physical & mental) and well-being of each child.

Primary School Active Clubs FAQ

SSG active clubs are suitable for pupils in years 1 to 6.

Each SSG ‘Active’ club can cater for up to 20 pupils (although lower ratios may be preferable for certain target groups),

The core objective of all SSG activities is a focus on the positive development and growth of each individual pupil’s character and value education, which we believe is the foundation to ensuring everyone can achieve their potential.

Each active club then has weekly focuses on the development of new skills through trying different activities and overcoming problems and challenges and completing fun tasks.

All active clubs are fully inclusive for all pupils as activities will be adapted for different ages and abilities, including pupils with specific and challenging barriers such as SEND, confidence and weight management issues.

SSG active clubs can be administrated by the school or can access our online booking platform for no additional charge. Schools can choose to pay for the active club direct or set it up as a parent paid option meaning they have no additional administration to manage.

This is dependant on the type of active club and can discussed with the school upon initial consultation and/or booking.

Each active club runs for a minimum of a half term. Schools often run each ‘Active’ club more than once per year for different groups of pupils, on various days, at various times. There is no limit to how you apply SSG ‘Active’ clubs in your school.

SSG staff are deployed to deliver active clubs they have qualifications and experience within. They are supported by leadership with teaching qualifications and/or specialist qualifications and all SSG staff have extensive internal training and development.

All SSG staff have full DBS certificate, safeguarding, prevent, ethnicity & diversity, health & safety and SEND inclusion training.

We will need to speak to school to establish whether they are paying directly for the active club or would like SSG to charge parents directly.