school camping activities

Our school camping activities are designed to offer a ‘back to basics’ residential experience where schools bring groups closer to nature with authentic and cost-effective outdoor activities in the school grounds.


SSG school camping activities provide primary school children the opportunity to experience a combination of stunning countryside camping together with traditional adventurous activities. 

All our in-school camping experiences are delivered by an experienced and highly motivated  team. Better still, we work directly with your school to ensure that the residential experience is specifically tailored to your own requirements.

Choose your own activities

Select activities that best suit your group’s age, target outcome and demographic.

  • Select your length of stay with us
  • Select your preferred activity days and evening activities
  • Enjoy great home-cooked food
  • Stay in spacious tents provided by SSG

An experienced manager will support you in choosing your options to ensure you have full understanding of options during a Needs Analysis Meeting which we provide free of charge.

All groups are provided their own camping village with a specifically designated teacher’s tent as well as staff access to a centralised facility hut offering access to kitchen facilities, teas and coffees, and a few home comforts.


The introduction of the 2019 Education Inspection Framework means schools are being asked to place a greater emphasis on a knowledge-rich curriculum. Pupils must be challenged and stretched within the schools’ curricula and each school must also be aware of the health (physical & mental) and well-being of each child.

school camping activities FAQ

There is no set number of people who we can cater for. We design every residential camp experience specifically for each organisation and the number of people they want to bring along.

  • High & Mighty
    • Includes a climbing wall, low ropes and a giant inflatable obstacle course amongst the activities involved to provide a truly unforgettable experience.
  • Wet & Wild
    • A day of consisting of water based fun and games including a visit to our partners at Box End Park to undertake a choice of knee boarding, aquapark and/or raft building along with our wet and wild team challenges and wacky races.
  • The MATRIX Challenge
    • A team building day with a difference which sees pupils working in teams taking part in a series of team building challenges Teams will win time tokens that they can then use to gain advantage over opposition teams in the race up the MATRIX board!
  • Wild Survival Bushcraft
    • Groups are shown and taught the basic skills involved in camp cooking, den building, fire making and navigation. Great fun, with lots of learning of new skills.
  • Hot Shot Challenge

A target driven day of activities bringing together a series of exciting activities including archery, rifle shooting, slingshots, cross bows and combat gaming.

Each day is made up of the following elements:

  • Morning ‘Rise and Shine’
  • Breakfast & lunch preparation
  • Core activity (choose from a wide range of set days)
  • Afternoon activities
  • Free time
  • Evening activities

We use a proven framework for the timings of our residential camp experiences and a copy of your schedule will be provided to you ahead of your visit?

Your group can stay between one and four nights with us on their residential camp experience.

On the first day like to aim for arrival to be around 9.30am where possible but will work flexibly to accommodate a later arrival.  Standard departure is at 2.30pm, although we are happy to be flexible with this.

The core objective of all SSG activities is a focus on the positive development and growth of each individual pupil’s character and value education, which we believe is the foundation to ensuring everyone can achieve their potential. These characteristics and values include:

  • Determination
  • Resilience
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Organisation
  • Problem Solving
  • Peer Encouragement
  • Decision Making
  • Relationship Building

In addition to this we also focus on a range of independence life skills during their stay with us including personal hygiene and self-management of their own belongings.

The Residential Camp experiences are available to year 3 through to year 8