Our school holiday active childcare days include a range of unique, fun and inclusive activities all at superb value.
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All of our Active Childcare days are themed and utilise a different combination of SSG activities and equipment to provide children with exciting, action-packed opportunities in a fun, friendly and safe environment. All activities are overseen by our professional staff.

Ultimate Adventure Games Day

This activity day will put adventure seekers through their paces. Activities included in this epic day are:

  • Terminator Turmoil
  • Inflatable Obstacle Course
  • Shootings targets with archery and sling shots
  • Team challenges
  • Orienteering

This day is best suited to adrenaline junkies who would love an action-packed day of new and exciting activities they may have never tried before and will certainly want to experience again!


Wacky Crafts & Mad Science Day

Our Wacky Crafts & Mad Science Day is the perfect day for all children who love to get creative and messy.

Messy Makers will enjoy slime making as part of our ever-popular slime factory, designing their own sock puppets and learning origami.

The Mad Science elements of this super fun day include fast fun science such as dancing liquid, lava-lamp making, paper hovercrafts and exploding paint.

Children will finish the day feeling excited about the new activities they have experienced and will be inspired to learn more!

Active Adventure Hot Shots Day

Our Active Adventure Hot Shots Day is sure-fire way of keeping active kids entertained during school holidays!

During this activity day participants become Hot Shot Academy trainees and will move through the Academy testing their skills in a range of target challenges and games.

Activities include combat gaming, nerf gun challenge, sling shots, archery, and much more.

Trainees will graduate from the Hot Shot academy at the end of the day, having enjoyed new experiences, learnt new skills and having had a fun-filled, action-packed day while making friends!


Active Adventure High & Mighty Day

Our Active Adventure High & Mighty Day is one of our most popular school holiday activities. This day involves a group of adventurers finding themselves stranded and needing to complete exciting missions to reach the safety of home.

Children will experience our most popular activities such as our Climbing Wall, Low Ropes, Base Jump, and our Inflatable Obstacle Course. Adventurers must complete a series of team challenges. They will need to escape the ‘Spiders Web’, stay safe during ‘Toxic Waste’, avoid capture while stealing rings from the ‘Giants Finger’, and ensure they don’t fall into the crevasse when crossing on the ‘Teeta Totter’ bridge along with a variety of other missions.

Participants will finish the day with our Adventure Scramble, including the ever-popular Terminator Turmoil Inflatable Obstacle Course.

Dream Team Challenge & Construction Capers Day

This activity day is made up of number of exciting school holiday activities which are guaranteed to engage all children and get them active.

The day includes challenges such as our Toxic Waste, Spiders Web, Countdown, Blind Build and the Matrix Board. Children will have to work together whilst making new friends and will practice dream-team work in a fun and friendly environment.


Mission Survival Day

Our Mission Survival Day is the ultimate test for all budding secret agents who would enjoy the thrill of an action-packed day with friends. The participants’ mission is to survive all the tasks they face while we put them through their paces.

This epic day includes learning survival skills, the art of disguise, code cracking, treasure hunts, shelter building and gathering evidence to identify a potential crime.

The day concludes with teams undertaking their very own secret mission! Agents will report home having had an unforgettable day.

Olympic Sports Day

Our Olympic Sports Day is a jam-packed day of active fun for champions of all abilities from start to finish, perfect for children with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

This day provides an opportunity for all children to experience a range of different sports and games by taking part in a running, jumping and throwing carousel of sporting activities.

The fun-filled day also includes some creative activities such as flag, head band and Olympic torch making and ends with a medal ceremony.


School Holiday Activities FAQ

Our Holiday Activity Days start at 9am and finish at 5pm.
Each SSG Holiday Activity Day has a theme the activities of the chosen day are based around. Every day has the same structure and along with the themed activities will include an Inflatable Fun session, an Active lunch session, and a Sports & Active Play session.
The age range for children who can attend is 5-12 years old.
The venue is the Alexander Sports Centre, Sidney Road, Bedford MK40 2BQ. There is a free car park on site.
Yes, you will need to provide your child with a packed lunch and a refillable drinks bottle. Mid-morning and min-afternoon snacks can also be placed in the lunchbox.
Children should wear comfortable clothing and sensible footwear. Appropriate outerwear should be provided depending on the weather e.g. waterproof coats. Sun cream and sun hats are required if weather permits.
Location: Alexander Sports Centre, Sidney Road, Bedford, MK40 2BQ.