Sensory Play Space

New in Bedfordshire. A safe, stimulating sensory space for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to attend with family, carers and/or friends is now available. Come along to a room filled with specially selected toys and soft play, bean bags and floor cushions and sensory light and sound equipment for a fun, stimulating and/or relaxing experience.


SSG Activities are delighted to be able to announce the extension to our existing high-quality specialist provision for children with moderate to severe Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). We understand many families experience great limitations around safe stimulating places for their children to attend, play, relax and have fun and we believe this new space will be a highly beneficial addition to our SEND offer.

The room will be available to hire within small groups and will include soft play blocks, tunnels, play mats, stimulating lights, sensory toys (touch and sound), foam building blocks and much more. All of this will be hosted with decorative and stimulating wall and ceiling covers and drapes, filled with bean bags and large floor cushions.

sensory play space FAQ

A group of six can hire the space exclusively at weekends for £30.00 for a 45 minutes period. The group of six can consist of adults, children and young people. The mix of those with SEND is entirely up to the group but we ask that there are sufficient adult carers for the needs of the children/young people in the group. The group can increase up to a maximum of 12. We charge an additional £10.00 per two people and only increase in twos and not singular.

We are based at the Alexander Sports Centre, within the SSG Activities and Education Centre.

The room is thoroughly cleaned in between each session by a member of SSG staff and groups will not be allowed access until cleaning is completed and fully checked. We adhere to the highest standards for COVID-19 safety in all of our programmes and take the well-being of everyone attending our site very seriously.

No, the space is designed to be utilised by families or children with their carer’s as a place for them to go whilst offering respite care to the families. There will be a member of SSG staff on site to welcome you, oversee your stay and clean the room between sessions.

Unfortunately, at present we don’t have specialist changing facilities (yet) so we do ask for this to be considered by groups when booking. If you are not sure speak to us first and we will do everything we can to try and accommodate your visit.

Location: Alexander Sports Centre, Sidney Road, Bedford MK40 2BQ