Hospitality training course

The SSG Hospitality Academy supports candidates to develop an understanding and knowledge base to achieve employment within the hospitality industry across a range of different role types, both front of house and back of house.

Would You Like To Gain Employment Within The Hospitality & Catering Industry?

Our academy links in with local and national employers who provide visit opportunities as well as live recruitment job interviews for successful candidates on the programme. Participants work within a small group of up to 12 like-minded candidates and are led by one of our friendly tutors. 

In addition to the workshop outcomes participants will achieve a Certificate in Hospitality & Catering Principles which is a recognised national qualification and can be added to your CV,  as well as a Food Hygiene qualification. Every hospitality training course includes a different group of employers who provide insight and experiences from their own perspective by providing speakers or visit opportunities as well as interview opportunities for mock and live positions.

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Hospitality training course FAQ

SSG operate our main hub site based from the grounds of the University of Bedfordshire at the Alexander Sports Hall, Bedford, MK40 2BQ.

SSG also operate a mixture of remote associate venues across Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire that are specifically selected to make accessibility to our courses as easy as possible for our customers in our communities.

Upon enquiring about our courses our friendly team of staff will guide you to your closest venue.

Qualification title: Certificate In Hospitality and Catering Principles

Awarding Body: Pearson Edexcel

Total Course Hours: 217

Your progress and learning will be assessed using a series of supported online multiple choice micro exams. Exams will be undertaken under exam conditions with SSG invigilators on hand. You will be supported to prepare for each exam as you progress through units of the course. All exams allow you the opportunity to retake should this be required.

  • SSG Job Search and Application Courses
  • SSG Digital Skill Development Courses
  • SSG Maths and English qualifications (where existing GCSE thresholds have not been achieved)
  • Work Placement
  • Employment

You will be provided with your timetable ahead of enrolment on to your course. The guided learning hours for the course are usually roughly split into working weeks of between 25-37.5 hours per week.

All courses at SSG require you to wear suitable clothing for the type of activity that you are undertaking. This programme requires:

  • Comfortable smart casual wear
  • There will be elements of practical team building and interaction so loose fitting advisable
  • There may be periods spent outdoors on either visits or activity so dress for the weather
  • Avoid black sole shoes as access to halls may be required

As part of your application process SSG will work closely with you to assess your eligibility to access governmental educational funding to support pay your course fees.

We are often able to provide individuals in receipt of benefit payments with access to our courses on a fully funded basis meaning there is no cost incurred.

Every course that SSG operate is made up of units of work which are specifically selected to make up the entire course. All units will include practical participation, delivery and theory elements and assessment. Your selected course will cover units including:

  • Safe, Hygienic & Secure Working Environments In Hospitality
  • Effective Teamwork In Hospitality
  • Giving Customers a Positive Impression
  • Preparation and Cleaning of Service Areas
  • Dealing With Payments
  • Principles of Customer Service

Resolving Customer Service Problems

Your tutor will be your main contact at SSG for all elements included in your programme. Any support needs, queries advice or guidance you may need throughout your journey with us on this course will centralise from your tutor. You will have access to your tutor through scheduled 1:1 progress review, group tutorials, email and social media access. This ongoing support also demonstrates itself through high expectations and standards both on programme and socially, helping you gain as much work ready preparation as possible.

Your tutor will be the main point of contact. They will be able to support you in many ways from careers advice, to learning support, from help with assessments to advice on things outside of SSG. The tutor will also be able to sign post you to organisations and affiliations who will be able to continue any specialist support you may need at the time. You will have access to support throughout the course, but it will be most beneficial to you if you share details and/or concerns at the start of the programme.

If you feel that you require additional learning support whilst on your programme your tutor will be able to support you with an assessment of your needs and SSG can provide you with resources and additional staff support where applicable to help you progress within your course.

You will need to be able to prove you have the ability in you to complete the qualifications. This evidence usually comes in the form of previous successes e.g Qualification certificates, but it will also be judged against initial assessment results, attitude and desire to achieve the programme.