SSG Post 16 4D Teaching & Learning.

At SSG Education & Training we have developed and implemented a principle of learning designed to support all of our candidates in all stages/types of course with us. The SSG 4-Dimensional Learning principle has been designed to allow us to support and track progress of candidates towards an end objective of achieving both personal and career based success.

The 4D Learning Principle acknowledges that educational and academic achievement, although important, is only one element of our candidate’s progress with us and as such the 4D Learning Principle ensures that all 4 dimensions of a candidate’s development is focused on and progressed to ensure a well-rounded experience.

The 4D Learning Principle has the following 4 focus areas/dimensions:


& Progression


Core Skill


& Qualifications


Personal Key
Performance Indicators

Each of the four dimensions of learning are specifically designed, delivered, monitored and celebrated to ensure that all candidates at SSG can demonstrate and track their own progress in each dimension. This helps them value and understand the importance and impact that each area of development can have in their future goals and aspirations.

Tutor and Trainer staff at SSG constantly seek methods and opportunities to provide candidates with experiences, content and opportunity to develop in all 4 dimensions. They ensure that candidates themselves recognise the 4 dimensions of development throughout their course


Tutors and Trainers utilise the candidate progress and development record documentation to further embed the 4D Learning principle through the identification and development of targets and actions linked to each dimension of learning thoughout their journey with SSG. We encourage staff to celebrate all documented progress in each of the 4 dimensions.

The 4D Learning Principle is a constantly focused and reinforced theme throughout a candidates journey and all delivery should be able to link to one or more of the dimensions (where possible, all 4!).