SSG Activities Blog – October 2021

It seems like a fond, distant memory now but we had an amazing summer & as this is the first blog we’ve put out since then we just wanted to touch on some highlights & indulge in some shoutouts.

Activity Days

It seems like a fond, distant memory now but we had an amazing summer & as this is the first blog we’ve put out since then we just wanted to touch on some highlights & indulge in some shoutouts.

During the summer break we ran our Active Care and Experience days over 5 different locations across Bedfordshire. In our Active Care provision, our children participate in different activities throughout the day including a range of sports, Active Play, Messy Play, Inflatable Fun and group activities.

Our instructors do a fantastic job making sure the children have a safe & happy time on our programmes but we would also like to say a massive thank you & well done to all of our amazing Project Leads who oversee everything that goes on, the good the bad & the ugly… AND they do it all with a smile on their face. First to arrive & last to leave, we couldn’t do it without them! Well done to Luke, Beth, George, Emily, Emma and Steph.

Some places on our programmes were funded in line with the HAF provision (Holiday Activities and Food) where children who receive free school meals were able to attend and still receive their meals throughout the summer holidays! This is a wonderful chance for us to provide opportunities & experiences to children who might not otherwise be able to attend & we are privileged to work with the local council on this.


Throughout the summer we were pleased to once again team up with Bedford Borough Council to provide activities for SEND children and their families during the summer break. They provided funding so that we could offer free places for our drop off sessions, Inflatable Fun and sport sessions at our main venue the Alexander Sport Centre, as well as swimming at St Johns School in Kempston. 


SSG instructors are highly trained to deliver specialised activities & we always get such positive feedback from these programmes. We love seeing the happy faces of the children who attend, as well as the happy faces of our staff!

New School Year

The new school year has got off to a great start, seeing SSG delivering in a number of schools across Bedfordshire, including 15.5 hours of curriculum lessons & 25 after school clubs! This term we have tag rugby, basketball, Hot Shots, multi-skills, gymnastics, Construction Capers & football, plus more I’m sure I’ve forgotten! We are delivering to children of all ages, starting as young as 3 at Carlton Preschool where we have been running a FUNdamentals session, teaching the very basics of movement & skills in a fun, games based way.


We have also been continuing to support the swimming programme at St John’s School in Kempston, providing poolside (& occasional in pool) support so that the children there can access the lovely hydrotherapy pool onsite.


We have a fantastic team of full time, part time & casual staff at SSG & try to keep the staffing consistent to ensure continuity of delivery & allow staff to get to know the children they are in contact with on a weekly basis.

Swim School reopening

It was a very long wait but we are absolutely delighted to be delivering lessons from Bedford Girls School again. We provide all levels of lessons here & run on a Monday, Friday & Sunday under the experienced supervision of Chloe & Laura. It’s been such a pleasure welcoming back existing families, as well as saying hi to some new faces.


We would like to congratulate George Bird on his new role with SSG. George has been working with us for a while but is now officially full time with us as a Senior Instructor. He can mostly be found in schools, delivering top class PE lessons & after school clubs. At the weekend he runs our weekend football academy. He may also pop up at swimming lessons and around ASC, a man of many talents!


Every month we introduce you to a member of our team. This month it’s Robyn!

Robyn Lewin

Robyn has recently won our Swim Instructor of the Year award after many years of swim teaching and supervising our swim schools!

How long you’ve worked for SSG:

13 Years

Favourite part about working for SSG:

Watching the children’s confidence and ability grow each week, the smiles on their faces when they first swim independently for the first time and the sense of achievement when they get their certificates or badges!

Interesting Fact:

Robyn has a fear of piers!

Looking Forward…

In next month’s blog, look out for the highlights from our weekend at Goodwood, as well as a round up of our half term activities & the relaunch of Baby Bouncers.

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