SSG Gymnastics Academy


Join our recreational Gymnastics Academy where children learn and develop basic movements and gymnastics skills in a fun, friendly environment.

The Outcomes

Our Gymnastics Academy follows the National Gymnastics Awards Programme (also known as NATGAP) where children work towards achieving medals and certificates. 

The coaching programme consists of three schemes that guide the gymnasts through the various stages of learning on different apparatus and rewards their efforts at strategic intervals with professionally designed awards. 

It is designed to encourage participation in and continuation of the sport through the use of clear goals and objectives and helps clubs give structure for their coaches while offering something different for their participants.

 Children do not need to of had previous experience before joining our academy, we welcome all abilities.

Our classes are as follows

Tiny Tumblers

18m-3 years

Fantastic Flippers

3-5 years

Rec Rockets

6-9 years

We offer a free trial session so you can bring your child along for a taster before joining!

The Activities:

We have some amazing specialist gymnastics equipment and stations, especially designed for the young gymnasts we work with to develop specific mobility skills as part of their gymnastics curriculum of development.

Air Track


for safe tumbling

Low Beam

for safe balanced locomotion

Vault Tables

for different levels of raised skill performance

Low Bar

for upper body strength and coordination

Skill Block


for handstands, back bends and jumps

Air Barrel


for walkovers



for jumps and vaulting.

Balance Station

for developing a wide range of fundamental balance skills

Jump Station


for developing all types of jumps used in gymnastic routines



for gymnasts to develop creative combinations of all the different skills and disciplines they learn

The Staff:

Our SSG Celestials Gymnastics team are highly experienced and dedicated instructors with a passion for Gymnastics and a love for sharing their experience with the next generation.

The Venue:




Lifetime members

4 Week FREE Familiarisation Phase

We know that any new environment, activity and group of people can be daunting for us parents let alone the children themselves. For this reason, we operate a 4 week familiarisation phase to ensure that all of our new gymnasts can feel right at home and that before you start paying your child is getting the full value from the sessions!


Each week of the familiarisation stage we will help your child settle in by focussing their attention on the following:

Week 1

Getting to know the environment & the coaching team

Week 2

Getting to know the group and building confidence in the session structure

Week 3

Building understanding of the skills and activities being developed

Week 4

Building confidence and feeling happy in all aspects of the academy

At week 2 of the familiarisation stage we will ask you whether your child would like to take up one of the available free spaces permanently. If you wish to accept the place your child will be confirmed within the group, your child’s starter pack will be ordered and you will need to pay for your first 10 week block. The great news is that the first 2 weeks of your 10 week block are still part of familiarisation phase so are discounted from your first payment!

Special Offer – Free Starter Pack Worth £20 For All New Gymnasts

We want all of our gymnasts to feel right at home with us. For a limited time all new gymnasts will receive a free of charge starter pack worth £20. Each starter pack includes a bag, a t-shirt, a pair of gymnastic socks and an award booklet to track your progress! The starter pack will be ordered for you at week 2 and you will receive it on week three of your familiarisation phase (providing size requirements are in stock).


Make an Enquiry


Yes, we offer free taster sessions and immediate start dates depending on availability.

No, payment is made in 10 week blocks. You will receive automated email reminders when payment is due for the next 10 week block.

Yes, our classes run continuously throughout the year, only breaking for planned venue closures and Christmas Holidays.

The venue is Great Barford Primary Academy, Silver Street, Great Barford, Bedford MK44 3JU. There is free car parking at the venue.

Each class is 50 minutes in duration.

Yes, your child will work towards The National Gymnastics Awards Programme and achieve medals and certificates when they have passed the criteria for each stage.