Skills Academy

We recognise that not all students leaving school have a fixed idea of their career path, which is why we created the SSG Skills Academy.


Skills Academy students will experience and explore a variety of different sectors throughout the course to better understand career options and opportunities, as well as identify what sectors best suit their own set of skills and career aspirations.

You will also undertake a work experience placement that your tutor will support you in setting up alongside an SSG mentor. This will provide you with an opportunity to work closely with an employer to develop skills and knowledge as you progress into employment.

If you didn’t achieve your Maths and English GCSE or equivalent at school, you will study them in addition to your core qualification. Throughout you will work within small groups with our tutors who will support you to achieve the required grades and ensure that this isn’t a barrier to your future goals.

Students can access the Skills Academy at Entry Level or Level 1 and can use our platform as a springboard into further education in sector-specific courses. All you need is a positive attitude and a willingness to explore new opportunities.


The Skills Academy Course is perfect for you if you answer "yes" to one or more of the following questions:

  • Did you not achieve the required grades to access higher level or specific courses?
  • Are you unsure of what career path you want to take?
  • Do you prefer to work in small groups?
  • Would you like to explore different vocational areas?
  • Are you unsure as to whether further education, higher education or apprenticeships are for you?
  • Are you unsure what the future holds?

Intermediate Skills Academy FAQ’s

SSG operate our main hub site based from the grounds of the University of Bedfordshire at the Alexander Sports Hall, Bedford, MK40 2BQ.

SSG also operate a mixture of remote associate venues across Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire that are specifically selected to make accessibility to our courses as easy as possible for our customers in our communities. Upon enquiring about our courses our friendly team of staff will guide you to your closest venue.
This course is free of charge for all individuals aged 16-18. For individuals aged 19+ we can work with you to establish grant funding access based on your individual circumstances that may pay all or some of your course fees.

For individuals that do not qualify for this funding the full course fees start from £450+VAT.
Qualification title: Level 2 Certificate in Workskills

Awarding Body: Pearson Edexcel

Total Course Hours: 460

Every course that SSG operate is made up of units of work which are specifically selected to make up the entire course. All units will include practical participation, delivery and theory elements and assessment. Your selected course will cover units including:

  • Development of personal skills for leadership
  • Supporting employability and personal effectiveness
  • Using a CV and covering letter
  • Managing transition in to work
  • Preparation and participation in work experience
  • Online branding for career success
  • Networking and building professional relationships
Your assessment will vary depending on your initial assessments and how you feel most confident and able to demonstrate your retention of knowledge. If you prefer to write, speak or demonstrate, your tutor will extract this is an industry focused and ‘real world of work’ method.

Each unit will contain two Assignments Briefs which will contain guidance and tasks to support the submission of sufficient evidence; this will include deadline dates, declaration of ownership, tips and pointers and specific guidance. Assessments of both practical performance and knowledge and understanding will be required in this programme. There may be some formal exams in this course for Maths and English should you require these qualifications.
Your tutor will be your main contact at SSG for all elements included in your programme. Any support needs, queries advice or guidance you may need throughout your journey with us on this course will centralise from your tutor. You will have access to your tutor through scheduled 1:1 progress review, group tutorials, email and social media access. This ongoing support also demonstrates itself through high expectations and standards both on programme and socially, helping you gain as much work ready preparation as possible.
  • SSG Advanced Sports Coaching Academy
  • SSG Advanced Work skills Courses
  • Higher Level Apprenticeships
  • Work Placement
  • Employment
Your tutor will be the main point of contact. They will be able to support you in many ways from careers advice, to learning support, from help with assessments to advice on things outside of SSG. The tutor will also be able to sign post you to organisations and affiliations who will be able to continue any specialist support you may need at the time. You will have access to support throughout the course, but it will be most beneficial to you if you share details and/or concerns at the start of the programme.

If you feel that you require additional learning support whilst on your programme your tutor will be able to support you with an assessment of your needs and SSG can provide you with resources and additional staff support where applicable to help you progress within your course.
You will be provided with your timetable ahead of enrolment on to your course. The guided learning hours for the course are usually roughly split into working weeks of between 25-37.5 hours per week. At SSG we provide you with more contact time with us than you will find at normal colleges. This is to best prepare you for the world of work and also ensures that you are able to complete your course quicker and move forward into your next steps.

You will need to be able to prove you have the ability in you to complete the qualifications. This evidence usually comes in the form of previous successes e.g Qualification certificates, but it will also be judged against initial assessment results, attitude and desire to achieve the programme.

Additional entry requirements for this programme are:

  • GCSE grades 3 – 6 in Maths & English
  • GCSE grades 3 – 6 in one other subject

All courses at SSG require you to wear suitable clothing for the type of activity that you are undertaking. This programme requires:

  • Comfortable smart casual wear
  • Sports trainers, tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt and layered sports/active wear outer layers for practical days
  • We promote personal hygiene on all of our provision so would advise changes of clothes on practical days as well as washing products.
  • Avoid black sole shoes as access to halls will be required