SSG Together Vision

Everyone at SSG are very passionate about ensuring that every action and activity we undertake for our staff, participants (customers) and partners contemplates and considers all elements of inclusion, acceptance and wellbeing.

These terms can be broad and certainly take on very different angles when being applied in different concepts and it is for this reason we have develop our SSG ‘TOGETHER’ vision which brings all the amazing elements we have linked to these conceptional values under one broad, all empowering missionary vision.


We aim to make all of our business activity as inclusive for everyone as we possibly can. This includes the services we provide our participant and customers, the access to work for us and the ability for our stakeholders and partners to work with us.


Through a strong staff and customer culture we insist everyone should feel accepted by SSG. We believe respect is central to this and individualism, independence and difference is simply fine by us. 


Everyone should feel appreciated, meaningful and important. The moment someone doesn’t its not ok so we look to ensure we implement strategies that encourage wellbeing but also allows it to be carefully handled when wellbeing becomes a concern. Whether physical, mental, social or emotional we need to recognise what this may look like and know ways to support people overcome challenges.

The overarching aim of the SSG TOGETHER vision is to ensure we take important time to recognise and review all the wonderful business activity that takes place relating to inclusion, acceptance and wellbeing and identify opportunities for us to apply and implement even more strategies to strengthen even further these three hugely importance concepts for all involved with our company

When thinking about inclusion, acceptance and wellbeing under our TOGETHER vision, we have created five key areas as follows: