At SSG Services, we offer team building in Bedford like you’ve never seen before.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate company milestones or hold team training days with a twist, our tailored activity days and expert team are on-hand to create a memorable day!

From challenging adventures to strategic problem-solving, let us help make your next corporate away day, a bit different.

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At SSG Services, we support a diverse range of team building events, including:


Team building is crucial for any business aiming to build high-performing teams. At SSG Services, we do things differently. Our expert team and tailored activities are designed to not only boost morale, but also help teams foster cooperation, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Our signature “Adventure At The Manor” is set in the stunning Bedfordshire countryside and is the perfect setting for exciting team-building days or corporate events.

With a variety of activities to choose from, on-site conference facilities and a hotel, we craft fun team building events in Bedfordshire like you’ve never seen before lifting team spirit and bringing your team together. 

Adventure Awaits at The Manor – Discover How!

Our approach to effective team building days

At SSG Services, we understand that all teams are different. That’s why we work with organisations to build team-building events and team activities that meet desired outcomes. Working together, we ensure every team building activity day or conference gurantees fun, alongside a business outcome. Whether it’s inspiring your team, delivering information or driving collaboration, we’ve got you covered! 


We start by understanding your goals. For some, this means bringing remote teams together; for others, it means celebrating sales targets or business milestones. We then work with you to plan days that align with your goals.

The Outcomes:

The main outcome of our Adventure at The Manor mission is for everyone to get involved and have a great time. We also have tasks to complete at each activity to add to the taking part element, and scores are awarded for the level of success achieved in each task. 



Our five core mission outcomes are related to personal and team development. We award each team a score for demonstrating these on each activity, these are:


Critical Thinking




We believe that by focusing on these outcomes, we are able to facilitate personal and team growth through our Adventure & Challenge Experience.

The Activities:

From the boardroom to the great outdoors. Dialing up the fun is where we specialize. From obstacle courses to archery or climbing walls, our team of activity facilitators offers an engaging approach and motivational energy to bring your next team building event to life.

Through interactive activities, we encourage team members to communicate openly, share ideas, and support each other in achieving common goals.


Customers choose the activities they feel will be best suited to the people taking part, with the support of our expert team. We will ensure the most appropriate and fit for purpose activities available are selected to ensure participants are engaged, challenged, and have the most positive experience possible.

Headline Activities


Your HEADLINE activities are exactly that and bring a touch of WOW to proceedings, while still providing all the skill challenges as our BASELINE activities. The Headliners really bring the flavour of adventure to the event. 


To assist you in choosing the right blend of activities for your experience we have graded the activities, giving them a level to show how ‘physically active = RUNNING ICON’ and how ‘thought provoking = BRAIN ICON‘ each activity is in their own right. If you would prefer a consultation with a member of our specialist events team to assist you in ensuring the perfect combination of activities is achieved simply enter your details into our enquiry form below and we will be happy to help.

Climbing Wall

Participants will soar to new heights on our incredible climbing wall that we can bring to you. An unforgettable experience guaranteed to provide an adrenaline rush when you ring the bell at the top!

Terminator Turmoil Inflatable Obstacle Course

Our Terminator Turmoil is our largest inflatable obstacle course and brings the WOW factor to any Adventure & Challenge Experience. A race to the end through our inflatable obstacle course, participants have to manoeuvre their way through by rolling, jumping and navigating obstacles within the course, against a fellow participant to see who makes it through first!

Archery Tag

Participants will split into teams and compete in a fast-paced Archery Tag Challenge where they will gain points by ‘tagging’ their opponents by firing their bow and soft tailed arrows. Participants will have obstacles to hide behind and run between to avoid being tagged.


Participants will enjoy Traditional Archery with our instructors teaching them how to hit the targets using our bow and arrows. Archery is often a brand new experience to many participants and brings a real sense of achievement once they perfect their aim!


Participants become human catapults using our awesome slingshot equipment to fire a range of projectiles through the air to hit a range of targets to achieve various challenges. Included with this awesome activity is our giant inflatable dart board as one of your target games. This fun and engaging activity provides a wide range of new challenges, teamwork, and action packed excitement that’s inclusive for everyone to enjoy.

Base Jump

Participants scale the giant inflatable base jump before free falling 30 feet to the ground (landing safely on an inflatable bed). This ultimate ‘heart in mouth’ challenge will require team members to all their courage to first climb to the jump point and then trust their own freefalling skills (taught via our instructors) to complete the challenge. An experience worth while as they experience an adrenaline high like to remember.

Baseline Activities

The baseline activities you choose will consist of smaller scale challenges designed to test the group’s individual and team skills. They act as vital ingredient for the experience and a foundation for achieving the mission outcomes. Choose from:

Survival Skills

Choose two specific activities from camp cooking, fire making, shelter building and team orienteering to create your survival skills challenge for an experience that’s something very different guaranteed to spice up your experience. Apply back to basic life skills to see how well your team would do if they had to live in the wild.


The team need to carefully navigate their way through a giant spider’s web to avoid disturbing its residents and loose points. Work together to establish the required skills and best route to make your way through the twisted web. A course of vertical and horizontal ropes rigged to different difficulties creates an excellent challenge for the whole team.

Toxic Waste

Select from a limited range of resources to problem solve how best to move the super dangerous toxic waste into a safe and secure unit before your whole team becomes radioactive. This unique problem solving task will really get the team thinking and using their initiative to a new level.


Lights out for this task which really tests your sense and your team’s communication skills. Navigate your way through the nightline, as quickly and safely as possible without causing carnage and get to the end point. You follow a set course with obstacles along the way while you and your team are blindfolded all the way.

Blind Build

This fun challenge tests your team communication skills as you all become engineers to successfully create a replica construction as accurately as possible and gain the maximum points. The ultimate test of both cognitive and practical skills.


This challenge is a real brain teaser as you work together on practical micro challenges to allow you to make your moves across the matrix board and reach the end point for success. This real life board games activates the body and mind of all team members.


Speed and mental agility win the day for this task. Essentially every member of the team contributes to achieving the goal as they compete against the clock in this fantastically fun activity. Remove the numbered items from within the clock as quickly as possible in the correct order to achieve your goal.

Wacky Races

Teams go head to head in this challenge as they undertake a range of fun filled, action packed w’wacky race’ which requires them to get creative, work together and have lots of crazy fun to complete and get over the finish line first.

Bin Ball

This is a high intensity exciting game that requires accuracy and persistence to score as many points as you can against an opposing team. Using giant bins, this ‘wheely’ is something different and tests the resolve and teamwork of the group.

Giants Finger

This vertical challenge requires the team to work together on a strategy to fit the giants rings on the giants finger. Not only do the rings weigh in quite heavy the finger end is just out of reach so lots of critical thinking, problem solving and creativity is needed to find a solution and then determination and persistence to get the job done.

Why choose ssg services for your team building needs?

With over 20 years of experience working with schools and alongside businesses to provide training, our team are perfectly placed to bring a fresh and fun perspective to team-building events

Our activity days are meticulously planned to your outcomes and, ultimately, build stronger teams.

From the initial consultation to the post-event follow-up, we’re with you to ensure you get what you want from your time with us. 

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Conferencing facilities and more

The Woodland Manor is a beautiful country house and hotel located in the heart of the Bedfordshire Countryside surrounded by glorious woodland gardens within 23 acres of private grounds it is the perfect for your team to grow. The venue ensures that every event is fully catered, providing comfortable hotel accommodations for teams, conferencing facilities, and more for a seamless experience. Everything you need, in one place, under one roof.




Bronze Package

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£ 30* per person
  • 1 Headliner
  • 4 Baseline Challenges

Silver Package

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£ 35* per person
  • 2 Headliners
  • 3 Baseline Challenges

Gold Package

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£ 40* per person
  • 3 Headliners
  • 2 Baseline Challenges

The Best Team Building Events in Bedfordshire

We’re on a mission to provide the best team-building activities in Bedfordshire. Our dedication to quality and client satisfaction has positioned us as a great choice for companies aiming to do something different with their next event.


Key Benefits of Team Building with SSG Services 

Here are some of the key outcomes we can help with:

Through activities that encourage articulating strategies, active listening, and working together towards common goals, we aim to significantly boost team synergy.

 Facing diverse challenges can help sharpen teams’ problem-solving abilities. Our activities encourage teams to think both critically and creatively.

Our team-building sessions focus on breaking down barriers and fostering trust among everyone involved.

Adaptability and flexibility are crucial in business. We challenge teams with dynamic situations that require them to adapt and respond effectively, enhancing these essential skills.

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